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Here at Olga's Hotel, we want to make your trip and holiday the best it can possibly be!! Below you will find our price listings for both Room Only and Bed & Breakfast. A simple click on each will show you a larger version for ease of reading. If you would like to book, simply fill out our booking form below. If you have any questions or just find the form troublesome, just Email us by click here and we'll get back to you ASAP!
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Olgas Hotel Contact Information

Olgas Hotel Location: Canal D' Amour - Corfu
Tele: 0030-26630-29541- Mob: 0030-695-601-0667
Fax: 0030-26630-29542

Getting your flight with Easy Jet or any other charter airline cuts your holiday costs down, allowing you to spend that money on your family. Check out the links below, as these are just some of the companies that have flights to Corfu.

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SkyScanners searches most of Europe's countries for flights to anywhere - especially Corfu. If you're searching for the best fares to Corfu, click on the icon to the left and punch in your details - best way to get to us quick!

Tele: 0030-26630-29541 or 0030-26630-99187 Fax: 0030-26630-29542 E-Mail Us Here